Composite props and arcs for plants and greenhouses
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Garden Props
of fiberglass
for your vineyard
garden, garden and fruit nursery
This product, due to its low cost, high strength and wear resistance, has become widespread among fruit nurseries and vineyards not only in the Russian Federation, but also abroad.
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Advantages of fiberglass props
Fiberglass props 2-2.5 times stronger than wood or bamboo
Helps grow
Fiberglass props stimulate plant growth in contrast to fixed sticks, participate in natural movement
Any length
Fiberglass props for plant can be made of any length and diameter
Special composition
In the composition of fiberglass props we added a special component that dissipates ultraviolet radiation and prevents the destruction of epoxy constituents
Corrosion resistance
100% does not rust. Moisture-proof, non-corrosive.
The service life of fiberglass props reaches 80 years, hence can be reused in contrast to analogues
Fiberglass props for plants will serve you up to 80 years. The service life of bamboo supports does not exceed 1-2 years, when in a favorable environment
Low weight
Fiberglass props have a low weight. Their weight is 8-9 times less than metal supports and 2-3 times lighter than wooden supports for plants, which greatly simplifies the process of their installation
Fiberglass props are environmentally friendly material and do not harm the environment and nature
Our logistics helps to save your money
3 warehouses in Russia
Wherever you are, our debugged system
logistics can significantly reduce costs
and deliver products on time
Own vehicle fleet
We are not dependent on the integrity of third parties and
we earn on delivery, covering expenses of return
Loading system "bay in the bay"
Due to the bays of different diameters, we add them as compactly as possible to each other. Due to what we can
to transport the volume 5 times more for the same money.
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