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Composite fiberglass rebar is supplied in coils
Each diameter has its own color indication
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Advantages of composite fiberglass rebar
Composite fiberglass rebar are 2-2.5 times stronger than metal
Benefit from 30% with equal replacement of metal fittings for composite
Any length
At the request of the customer in contrast to the metal 6 or 12 meters
100 times lower than steel, which significantly reduces heat loss
Corrosion resistance
100% does not rust. Moisture-proof, non-corrosive and does not cause destruction of concrete
Radio transparent
Does not create a screen and interference for radio waves, cellular communications and wi-fi
Increases the service life of the structure by 2-3 times (50-80 years)
Low weight
Reduces the cost of transportation and handling, as well as facilitates the work on the site
Does not conduct electric current, is electrically safe
About us
"ArmoPlast" LLC is a company that has proven itself as a manufacturer of a truly innovative building material - fiberglass reinforcement.
From the very foundation of the organization to this day, we are doing everything possible to continuously improve the quality and quantity characteristics of our material and the equipment we manufacture. Our main task is to increase the popularity of fiberglass reinforcement, work in the field of creating new materials that exceed the classical solutions for strength and durability.
Our logistics helps to save your money
3 warehouses in Russia
Wherever you are, our debugged system
logistics can significantly reduce costs
and deliver products on time
Own vehicle fleet
We are not dependent on the integrity of third parties and
we earn on delivery, covering expenses of return
Loading system "bay in the bay"
Due to the bays of different diameters, we add them as compactly as possible to each other. Due to what we can
to transport the volume 5 times more for the same money.
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Solutions for the agricultural sector
fiberglass rebar has found wide application in other industries
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